LGBT Awards

The LGBT awards are designed to honour the important impact that people and allies of the community have made in their steps towards an equal society. An event of this magnitude and importance needs to combine the class of any standard awards night, whilst also retaining the unique element that would allow the evening to stand out from the previous iterations. The Icon Events team, creating both the main awards and after party at Liverpool’s Marriott Hotel, navigated that tightrope perfectly, allowing for an incredible evening.

A full production was required by the client, with a red-carpeted press area being provided to welcome the headline guests such as John Bishop and Scarlet Moffatt. As well as the decorative features provided, the team also fully equipped the location with the latest technological software, creating an audio-visual masterpiece using video-wall and projection technology. It was an event befitting the occasion, one allowing the LGBT awards to run without a single hitch.