Event Planning: For Festivals!

Event Planning: For Festivals!

With spring and Easter almost upon us, many of you are finally ready to say goodbye to the colder winter months and get your 2024 plans moving.

Traditionally, Easter onwards sees the start of festival season as UK revellers get ready to party in the summer months.

The UK Festival scene is pretty big business these days with a 2019 report in the guardian estimating the UK festival scene is worth 1.1bn to the UK economy. It is estimated also that in some form or other there are over 10,000 festivals in the UK with 600 of these related to music events of over 1,000 attendees.

With these numbers in mind, we believe its more important than ever to get your event production spot on. Creating the best possible experience is what makes Icon Events tick and with our extensive experience we can help you deliver on festival experience in 2024 and beyond.

There’s nothing we love more than festivals, and it’s why we love planning and production for all festivals and large outdoor events in the UK.

Icon Events have built up extensive relationships with some of the UKs best festivals to deliver festival planning, management, and production for festivals and public events of all sizes.

We work locally, nationally, and internationally, and cover the standard areas of festival site planning and licensing, while also working on the stage, sound, lighting, and production management for your event.

We also have fantastic and experienced staff and crew ready to make sure your festival goes according to plan, onstage, backstage, and out front.

Whatever the style or size of your festival or outdoor event, contact our festival production services team today and let Econ Events bring it to life.

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