How to make or break your event with Audio Visual Hire

How to make or break your event with Audio Visual Hire

Everyone wants to have the best event possible. Did you know AV Hire can make or break your event?

Its essential that everyone can hear or see your event easily, and from start to finish. Conveying a good message to your audience  is paramount and if that does not happen people leave the event thinking it was a waste of time.

Icon Events ensure that good audio visual is provision at any event, whether it is a conference, sales promotion, concert, gig or private party, is absolutely crucial. Equally important is choosing the right type of AV company for your task. Putting Audio Visual at the top of the list when setting up an event is important

The work of an AV specialist has been compared to that of the conductor of an orchestra. It is the AV specialist who will take each part of an event and pull them together. They will know how to maximise the sound levels if necessary for example when a speaker has a low voice, or arrives and is suffering from a sore throat making speech more difficult. By practising with the AV specialist, audio levels can be adjusted accordingly. Likewise they can make recommendations on getting the best effect from any sound and light activities during sales promotions.

Icon Events has experience in the type of event you planning to hold. We have the correct equipment, knowledge of potential hazards or problems and can advise accordingly.

We treat every job in its own unique was as each job has its own individual problems when it comes to audio visual technology. For example, certain parts of a room may cause signals to fade out, or dampen sound. Sightlines will differ around the room. Icon Events AV specialists check these out at the beginning will ensure that there are suitable screens added to improve sound quality, or provide extra visibility for people sitting at the back.

Using Icon Events AV specialists as early as possible during the planning process will ensure that any potential problems are identified and dealt with. We will ensure that your event will go smoothly and everyone will benefit, clients, audience and yourself!

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