Icon Events Supports Claritee “Go Sober” Event

Icon Events Supports Claritee “Go Sober” Event

With 2024 in full swing. Many people up and down the country are glad that January is out the way, February is here and spring is upon us. Whilst January is traditionally a month people take stock and get their ducks in row, it can also be a month people make new years resolutions to get healthy and partake in causes such as ‘Dry January’.

Charity, Alcohol Change UK estimated that around 9m brits take park in a period of cutting back on alcohol in the January months.

With this in mind, it gave Icon great pleasure to support Claritee Group’s ‘Be the spirit‘ event for 2024.

Claritee aim to help as many people as possible gain clarity of mind and achieve their full potential. Claritee was founded after noticing a gap in the market for corporate events and corporate training that focused on well-being whilst remaining fun, entertaining and challenging.

Their ‘Be the spirit’ event celebrates and promotes that that corporate events do not have to be alcohol-centric. With alcohol and having a good time evident in a lot of events we do. It was nice to see things from the other side and promote such a worthwhile message.

Our set up included:

4×5 Meter Video Wall

4 Ladder truss with beams and wash lights on

Live video camera to screen

Drink Responsibly

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