Planning never stops . . .

Planning never stops . . .

With only 3 weeks to go until the end of the year, Icon Events are busier than ever delivering fantastic events for Christmas Party Season up and down the country.

But wanted to draw your attention to the fact its never too early to start planning your 2024 event. Whether you’re planning a corporate conference, a dazzling wedding, or an immersive brand activation, 2024 promises to be both yours and our best year yet.

In the dynamic world of event planning, timing is everything. Securing the ideal dates for your events in 2024 is a strategic move that can set the tone for success in the whole year. As you plan your events for 2024, consider Icon Events as your trusted ally in creating extraordinary experiences.

For any event we do, we have a in depth consultative process which ensure no stone goes unturned in order to ensure we deliver exactly what you’re looking for and within budget. The longer this period is the greater your event will be. Although we can also be reactive if needed.

How do we do it . . .
The first step in our process is to meet with the client and understand what they visualize for their event. We believe that understanding our clients’ vision is key to creating a successful event, and that’s why we take the time to brainstorm and create 3D drawings that bring their ideas to digital life. This step ensures that we have a clear understanding of our client’s vision and that we can plan accordingly.

The second step in our process is to plan the production. We will order new equipment, retrieve necessary production kit, and begin building the concept. This step is all about ensuring that we have the right equipment and resources to execute our client’s vision to perfection.

The third step in our process is where our expertise comes into play. We will provide our clients with our expertise in executing a professional and exciting show. This step is all about ensuring that the event runs smoothly, that everything is on schedule, and that our client’s vision is brought to life.

The fourth and final step in our process is to provide a post-event summary with media handling. We believe that it’s important to analise the event’s success, learn from any challenges, and identify any areas for improvement. This step also includes media handling, where we can showcase the event’s success and provide our clients with valuable content that they can use for future events.

Overall, our four-step process is designed to ensure that we deliver on our client’s vision and create unforgettable experiences. With our team of experienced professionals and our commitment to delivering exceptional service, we’re confident that we can bring forward-thinking solutions to any event.

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