Precision Planning Pays . . .

Precision Planning Pays . . .

At Icon Events, we know how to make your event rock. We have been doing what we do for over a decade now and we have got pretty good at it. But whilst experience and attention to detail helps, one thing that can be vastly overlooked by other events production and management companies is planning. We pride ourselves on being meticulous, leaving no stone unturned and above all else going above and beyond to bring a customers vision to life.

From your very first contact with us all the way to event wrap up, we work with you to ensure your event goes off without a hitch. We treat you as a friend, not a client and its this personal touch that puts us in good stead to deliver the most perfect event.

After your first chat and once we have agreed your budget we get to work. Your idea might be a scribble on a piece of paper or you might have just made a simple old school style list. We then work our design team to produce a CAD drawing and to start to bring your visualisation to life.

What are CAD drawings?
Computer Aided Design (CAD) is a process which designers use computers to create prototypes, models and ideas. CAD was initially developed to aid designers with their technical drawing and drafting.  It has now expanded and can be used for a number of possibilities. The process is versatile and can be targeted to specific industries.

Above is a Icon Event Stage in the design part of the process which is the first glance, and realisation coming to life.

‍CAD is a great way for Icon Events to plan and organise all the possibilities of how an event will potentially look. This helps us decide on the placing of elements such as staging, dance floors, bars, furniture and decorations with the added benefit of moving and playing around with the design, ensures that you are able to generate a configuration which eliminates guess work.

Bringing it to life . . .

Once all parties have agreed on the final set up. We get to work, to ensure your event is delivered as you envisaged.

Depending on the size of job, a project for us could include over 10,000 interaction points to bring it all together.

The photo above shows the earlier CAD design in its final form. You can see we have nailed it.

The amount of time saved by using a CAD system translates into savings and stress. We use CAD for all types of events such as Award Ceremonies, Conferences, Birthday Parties and themed events. Let Icon Events create the way you envisage your event to be by designing your event by CAD drawings. They will be emailed and the details discussed.  If required all revisions and updates can be made until you are completely satisfied.

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